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This is one of the bests PTC sites. It is more similar to Paidverts

This is one of the bests PTC sites. It is more similar to Paidverts
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This is one of the bests PTC sites. It is more similar to Paidverts Ptc share review real or fake: it’s not fake, this is real paying PTC site. the owner of the PTC share is the same, this company was launched by Paidverts team.

Paidverts was paying since 2014. In PTC share they believe that there is a way to provide effective advertising while creating a business opportunity at the same time.

But most of the people are come to PTC site to make money online. So, PTC Share provides you the option to view ads and make money online passively.

Here are some key points about PTCSHARE :

It is completely free to join . you can signup here=https://www.ptcshare.com/ref/Kmtron181

PTcshare is developed by the Paidverts team, So you don’t have to worry about that its scam.

At the beginning of the time, you can earn some small money but if you are working hard for 2–3 months then you can earn insane money form it.

You can withdraw money by Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin

How to make money with this site?

So, if you think to dive then follow the complete strategy to make money with PTC share.

Step:1 Join PTC share from this link=https://www.ptcshare.com/ref/Kmtron181

After signup with this link, you have to confirm your email, so in order to confirm check your inbox and make your account active.

Step2: Collect all the BAP points

This step is a very important step. You need to clear about BAP system in PTC share. BAP(bonus added point) is the currency or point in the PTC share system.

You don’t get the paid ads directly, its all depend on your BAP points. if you have higher BAP then you can see high level paid ads(36$ per click) on your dashboard if you have low BAP then you will get low-level ads(001$) in your dashboard. So the main point is to collect BAP in your account.